I am passionate about tuning into the mysteries of life- of not accepting the status quo just because that is the norm. I have spent the last 24 years seeking truth, seeking deep connection with Spirit and self. At 20, I left school to travel, i wanted to see the diversity of life, i wanted to live on the current that Great Spirit provides when we let go of the banks of the river. I found deep connection to the Earth and the subculture that was picking up the tribal ways so familiar to our collective memory rekindled in the forests, the streams and through coming together in community outside the constructs of society.

I soon became pregnant and started my initiation into the herbal world, developing close allies with a number of plants, and where ever i stayed long enough, i planted a garden and lined my shelves with herbs learning what i could through personal experience healing ails and reading books.

I co-started an intentional community in western North Carolina that i envisioned to be an Arc to collect all species of healing plants that would grow happily in the sweet and fertile Appalachian mountains. Many passed through our land for a day or a season, it was a sanctuary for drifters and dreamers. I had deeper lessons to learn though before putting down such roots and i found myself calling for stronger spiritual guidance and the tried and true knowledge of age old traditions and elders.

I joined an Afghan family and steeped myself in the understandings and practices of Islam. For the next 10 years i rewrote much of my operating system- deeply exploring my spirit and the parameters of morality which provided rich potting soil for my roots to grow. During this time while continuing to use natural healing methods, most of my experience was in the realm of spirit and soul work.

In 2013, i left Islam, my time complete in what i needed to learn there, and dove deeply back into herbal medicine, gardening, community and earth spirit ways, owning land again in which to invite any medicinal herb that would happily grow in my climate here in southern NH, and watching with delight as my garden ecosystems richened and diversified.

I took my herbal studies to a formal level and graduated from Michael Tierra's East West School of Herbology's 3 year program which is founded in the diagnostics of chinese medicine- an amazing philosophy and practice for understanding deep patterns of disharmony and how to treat them. I then completed a 3 year shamanic practitioner training through Spirit Hollow, which has aligned me again to the timeless roots of earth based spirituality and Anima- the sensed recognition of Spirit and unique expression of Spirit within all beings and things- and the interrelation and relationships and oneness of All. As the third chord in this braid of mutually supportive healing practices and understandings, I am now midway through a 2.5 year Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy training which is teaching me what is pivotal for deep healing to occur.

Our body is wise and naturally seeks harmony and health within the conditions placed upon it. Central to realigning to our original blueprint of health is orienting to our Spirit, clearing away energetic patterns of compensation for lack or excess, and balancing our lives with right relationship and supportive food, herbs and lifestyle practices.

Life is truly a beautiful journey and my life's work has been in collecting tools and knowledge to help myself and others access true joy, peace, inspiration and health to fulfill their divine destiny- their heart's calling.

-Jonah Ruh Roberts


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