I am a Soul Midwife and Medicine Woman.

My spirit journey of 25 years has taken me through many territories and my medicine bag is full of resources, tools and wisdom about the ways of the body, mind and spirit and the medicines of the earth. I create deep sacred space of listening to you and offer practices, inspiration and herbal guidance to reconnect you to your heart, your health and your joy.


Herbal Sessions
During Herbal Sessions, I listen to your story, ask questions, find the patterns of disharmony and offer you counsel both to address your physical health as well as your emotional and spiritual health as the underlying patterns of trauma, thought and habit show us that which needs to be released and that which needs to be nourished in order to bring back harmony into your life.

I use both western and chinese medicine as well as wisdoms accumulated from decades on the healing path. When you book an Herbal Session, you will receive my intake form which you will need to complete and return to me before we meet.  If herbal medicines are part of the recommendation, these may be purchased through my apothecary or from your own sources. Herbal Sessions are available in person or online, typically run 75 minutes and cost $95.

Soul Council

In Soul Council sessions we create sacred space so you can speak from the heart, be truly heard and receive soul reflection. I meet you where you are and provide a safe space of unconditional nonjudgment and give you the reflection as Spirit guides in love and in confidance. Sometimes these are pure council, sometimes an opportunity arises for path-working or energy work.

These sessions are available in person or online, typically run 75 minutes and cost $65.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Sessions

This light touch energy work is incredibly beneficial in helping reset the nervous system to a state of peace, reset boundaries, re-orient to your center and release patterns of distress, trauma and pain. The body stores so much emotion and tension and this work helps release these patterns of holding to restore calm and well-being.

I graduate from this 2.5 year training in January so i am currently offering sessions for just $35. Rates will go up January 25th, 2020!


I welcome a free 15 minute phone consult to see if there is resonance in working together. Don't hesitate to reach out, or 603-863-2941.

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